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Depends on the answer to the following question.

"How old are you?"

If you are under a certain age, with religious parents who fearfully indoctrinate the only people gullible enough to accept the nonsense they peddle in a desperate attempt to ensure the next generation keeps making the same mistakes? I'm not going to tell you the … Read more

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Let me answer your questions in reverse.

Is God real?---my answer is "yes", I think so"---and I think that for numerous reasons.

Many will say "no" also for numerous reasons.

Either they are right or I am right---God's existence is not contingent upon what any human thinks or believes about His existence.

Who is God?    Well, any God … Read more

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I believe in something or else they'd be nothing. Goodness and mind none of which can be seen or measured, love cannot be measured either.

 If I watch TV it tends to be along the lines of David Attenborough, humans living in diverse settings or history. What have I learned? That mankind is unnatural in its … Read more

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Men make gods, not the other way around, this accounts for the large number of different gods in different ages and cultures.

If you can't explain something, invent a god who made it. Don't like the idea of dying? Invent an afterlife.

Inventing a deity solves SO many problems.