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1. Focussing on the product and not the solution it provides

Often startups are so consumed with the product they are building that they forget that it is only useful if it solves an end users problem.

2. Functionality for the sake of it

Too many features from day one means you never get to launch. MVP … Read more

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There are lots of great high-protein snacks available - usually in the form of protein bars or shakes - but if you want something all-natural, I'd go with one of the following:

  • Nuts - peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios - whatever you like. Nuts are high in protein but also high in fat. It's the 'good' type … Read more

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The two main issues with insurance are:

  • Insurance fraud
  • The way it is sold

What is the inefficiency associated with identifying fraud in the insurance industry?

Thousand of pounds could be saved on the part of honest insurance clients, if it was not for the thousands of people who claim fraudulently - or worse, don't have insurance. They therefore … Read more

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An angel investor is also known as a business angel. These investors are private individuals who offer capital for a private company and generally want less control of the company. 

Angel investors normally invest their own money and are great source of private capital. This capital is generally presented usually in exchange for ownership equity in … Read more