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I do not think that the term is offensive in any way, and it is pretty scientific too. Reactions might have been caused by the fact that the term 'vagina' is not really used commonly on TV so more than "offended" I think that people got a bit scandalized.

However, I find it hard myself … Read more

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This is a really tough situation to be in. No matter how much you ignore this, it isn't going to go away. If you are uncomfortable talking to your parents maybe try looking up a women's health clinics in your area and booking an appointment to talk to a doctor or a counselor. They will … Read more

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It baffles me that people would find this offensive in any way, I consider myself a bit of a prude but this not even sexual at all. 

There is definitely far worse things on the tv than a genuine advert using the correct words for body parts. Now if they actually showed the body parts perhaps … Read more

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Although it might be possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from using a public toilet, the chances of that happening are rather unlikely. Another point that should help to put your mind at ease is that the most serious sexual infections (like HIV) are virtually impossible to catch from using a public toilet. … Read more