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Go to this site http://getemoji.com/, and copy and paste them, if you use firefox or google chrome, you can download an emoji extension that you can access from the top bar. Although, it is easier to use emojis on a phone or tablet since it's built into the keyboard. I mostly use them when im … Read more

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Cause guns are produced for kill. Drinks are not, knives neither.

Image if we are free to get bombs. Someone were killed by bomb, shouldn't we blame the bomb? So the bombs needs to be control. Just like we all don't want North Korea gets nuclear weapons or something. Can you say "nuclear weapons dont … Read more

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Sounds like a little bully.

Might get a short blond hair, dress like a boy and always play with boys.  More details may depends on the social and family backgrounds.

A little fantasy... There is a delicate heart beneath her exterior...

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HPL is hygienic for its inner structure and density,especially for its surface.Plus,if you wanna apply them in the hospital,antibacterial HPL will be more welcome.Actually,it is a kind of special board that could resist most bacteria.

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In general, all HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and its ease of cleaning. ARPA's SILVERLAM HPL has a special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the quantity of bacteria by 99%.