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I don't particularly believe in any demons, but if one were to speculate . . . Lucifer was supposed to be cast out of heaven with a legion of his followers . . . One would assume the legion were angels and that both angels and Lucifer would have an issue with human beings.

They … Read more

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They want to make a scene. It's quite amusing when they do. Unlike what you may here about them being evil they are kind of playful. Sure they may posses someone but look at the social justice brainwashed morons there needs to be some people to fuel the fire. Jezebel seems to like to toy … Read more

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I have to agree with the ancient one.

Distracted drivers are the worst. From eating to applying make-up to in vehicle arguments.

The worst is drunk dtiving.

Equally bad is cell phones. It has been proven drivers are also as distracted when their passengers are using the phone.

Come on !!  Who are they trying to … Read more

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One of the biggest for me is when people litter or throw cigarette butts out the window. I will tailgate you with my brights on and horn blaring until you pull over and think about what you've done.  As soon as I get a dashcam I'll be posting videos. So if you're one of those … Read more

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This may not be referring to exactly what you saw but in Opera  this may be a claque.

CLAQUE (klak):

A group of people hired to sit in the audience and either applaud enthusiastically to ensure success or whistle and boo to create a disaster.

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Building on what Soul Fly posted, the prison experience for the very worst criminals, those for whom rehabilitation is not a consideration  --the Innermost Circle-- should be the most hellish, woefully miserable existence imaginable, rule. 

I am an advocate of the death penalty for these cretins, as I view their very presence as a cancer … Read more

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Interesting question. I've thought about it and this is what I've come up with.

Societies or Circles

This is how it works.
You have the inner most circle which is housing the most dangerous convicts. Built entirely of solitary cells which view the center of the circle. Deathrow.

Next then, going outwards would be additional circles … Read more

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From what I remember we were relaxing in a booth and she was laying back in my arms as I was leaned against the wall. This was a bit after her break up. Anyways, she turned around and looked at me, I her, we leaned in and well you get the point :) The mood … Read more