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Sorry I can’t assume something I know is true.  I don’t care what they say these horrible acts happened.

As far as sending death threats to the participants makes no sense to me.

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There are numerous different types of personality disorders.  Some people may have signs and symptoms of multiple personality disorders.

Paranoid personality disorder---People with paranoid personality disorder are very distrustful of others and suspicious of their motives. They also tend to hold grudges.

Schizoid personality disorder---People with this type of disorder display little interest in forming personalRead more

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https://diseases-conditions.blurtit.com/4572406/what-mental-disorders-does-this-list-of-a-persons-attributes-describe-part-1-has https://www.blurtit.com/4572407/part-2-fixated-on-a-specific-way-of-life-and-train-of-thought-my-way-or-the-highway https://www.blurtit.com/4572408/part-3-quick-to-find-fault-with-others-but-refuses-to-accept-criticism-or-take https://www.blurtit.com/4572409/final-part-hostile-and-aggressive-towards-anyone-who-doesnt-capitulate-to-his-demands-or Like this?