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Final Part -Hostile and aggressive towards anyone who doesn't capitulate to his demands or agree with his views -Attempts to twist others' words to justify his own wrong actions?

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Sociopathy; neurotic insecurity and self esteem issues. Delusions of grandeur. 

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There are numerous different types of personality disorders.  Some people may have signs and symptoms of multiple personality disorders.

Paranoid personality disorder---People with paranoid personality disorder are very distrustful of others and suspicious of their motives. They also tend to hold grudges.

Schizoid personality disorder---People with this type of disorder display little interest in forming personal relationships or partaking in social interactions. They usually don’t pick up on normal social cues, so they can seem emotionally cold.

Antisocial personality disorder---People with antisocial personality disorder tend to manipulate or treat others harshly without expressing remorse for their actions. They may lie, steal, or abuse alcohol or drugs.

Borderline personality disorder: People with this type of disorder often feel empty and abandoned, regardless of family or community support. They may have difficulty dealing with stressful events. They may have episodes of paranoia. They also tend to engage in risky and impulsive behavior, such as unsafe sex, binge drinking, and gambling.

Narcissistic personality disorder: People with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they are more important than others. They tend to exaggerate their achievements and may brag about their attractiveness or success. They have a deep need for admiration, but lack empathy for other people.


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I wasn't deriding Tom's answer, I was contemplating the future of mental health.
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There is a newsletter available

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N. I do appologize. Please forgive me. Now that you mention it as a future thing... makes me a little frightened to think it could be. 😔

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