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Depends. If you believe in God as a figure some of the current religions are representing, an omnipotent figure that judges your every move and thought - then no.

But there might be a higher power, or purpose if you will, in the grand cosmic sense of things. Maybe it isn't just random atoms dispersed … Read more

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Not a camera expert so can't answer you directly. But i can recommend you this forum - dpreview . A lot of reviews and comparisons.

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Not for everyone it won't. Money is a form of power, when exercised effectively, it can greatly enhance one's prospects at happiness, or as I've heard cleverly quoted, permit one's own choice of misery. Many people have no worldly clue of where happiness lies, no amount of money would change that. 

With any power comes some … Read more

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Foreknowledge is not predestination. There's no conflict, really. Your hypothetical guy-in-the-sky may be prescient and know what we're going to do but that doesn't mean that we are compelled to do such things. It would  still be our own choice.