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I'm also an only child, so I'll just throw in a few characteristics I think are related to that:

Being "alone" is the state with which I am most familiar and therefore very comfortable with, and I have no trouble entertaining myself when necessary. I enjoy being with people, but I usually don't seek out groups.

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My mother is an only child. She never really understood that no matter how much my brothers and I would fight with each other we are alway there for each other. Or that we help one another without question.

At one point both of my brothers were asking me to help out A LOT. If … Read more

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My goddaughter is an only child. Her mother would send her over all the time so she could experience siblings. We had a conversation in regards to this and we found that only children have a challenge with patience.

My best friend ( her mother) had only one child to cater to. So every wish was … Read more

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I always thought over the years that "only" kids get kind of lonely. At least some have told me that over the years. I had an older brother and sister and it was fun around the holidays being with them. I think the only affects might be that "only" children tend to be loners as … Read more