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Here is a color wheel that will help somewhat . Vermillion is a mixture of red and orange.

BUT  the  intensity and hue the red and orange colors have will affect it. That makes it subjective in the art world.  Orange is made of red and yellow. That will affect the outcome also … Read more

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BEFORE you spend any money, take apart your drain trap under the sink. They trap all kinds of gunk in there and there is NOTHING that will permanently make the odor go away. It's gotta be cleaned out. It's this thing:

It comes apart very easily. Yours may be plastic, like this one, or it … Read more
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I always love to combine lamb meat with chickpeas. They are quite delicious and nutritious as hell. I don't know how to make them, though :D I'm always counting on someone else to make the dish because I'm pretty bad at cooking.