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Operations research combines the use of optimization, probability and statistics to solve problems in contextual domains such as business, energy systems, health services, financial services, telecommunications and transportation. Active areas of research often work at the intersection of these disciplines, such as the use of optimization in the estimation of large scale statistical models, optimal … Read more

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Smile a lot - say "hey, how's it going?" to some people in the halls. You don't have to be the best at conversation - just smile and be friendly. Everyone has been new at some point in their lives.

When you get settled in the school, look at joining some clubs. That will get you … Read more

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The big thing is to make a start. You can never learn to swim if you are not willing to get wet. And you cannot overcome shyness unless you are willing to make the effort to break free by initiating conversations, making new acquaintances, sharing with others in doing things. Realize that everyone at times … Read more