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Slow drivers in the fast lane.

People who are clueless as to others around them. Like those who push their shopping carts and stop in the middle of an aisle and no one can get around them, and they don't even notice that people WANT to get around them.

People who text or talk on their phone … Read more

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I have my share of sad and deep depression days. I'd say 50% of the year. A good 25% in a manic phase, and 25% in a "normal mood". Being bipolar has its ups and downs with some periods where I'm considered to be in a "normal mood". I've learned how to mask my emotions … Read more

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I'm very lucky to be "hard wired" for a positive outlook.  But when a tragic event occurs, I'll feel profound sadness.  Even after I have accepted the situation, out of the blue a reminder can bring back deep feelings of loss. 

In general, I'm Happy.  I'm grateful for that.