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Depends on the circumstances.  Some situations are what they are and I hang around and try to make the best of them.  And then there are some situations that don't require such attention or worry.  They allow the luxury where if you're not happy....you just leave. Sure I suppose there can be loose ends in … Read more

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I'm tempted to ask if you've been reading The Girl on the Train?

No, I don't usually do that but when I was writing my novel I saw a girl in the street who screamed to be included. She was tall, thin, tattooed, pierced, wore 4 inch FMPs, crotch-hugging shorts, a tiny top, and a sullen … Read more

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Oh I LOVE doing that!!!! Especially when I am patiently waiting bored in line. I come up with the story of what is going on with what they buy. LOL! One time someone had a bottle of champagne, a bag of chocolate, condoms and a pregnancy test! LOLOLOL! I assumed there was gonna be a … Read more