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Finally, spent an awesome weekend with my family. Also, I bought electronic kit I wanted for a long time. I am an engineer and I love to make DIY electronic projects, it's kind of my hobby. By the way, if someone is interested in such kits, here is a good review https://diystadium.com/advanced-electronic-kits-for-adults-review/

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I had my newspaper delivered daily. I got to know my carrier and his family. When he got sick the whole family kids and all pitched in. Then one friday afternoon I received a postcard in the mail from my carrier. The newspaper bigwigs decided to save some money (it wasn't much). The cancelled the … Read more

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My husband spoiled me to reward my last accomplishment. I wouldn't have done it normally. Lol! He got my hair and nails done, I got my first pedicure, he bought me a new outfit and shoes, then we went away for the night to a hotel overlooking the mountain's  with room service and bar service. … Read more