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Algebra is from Islam, so is most of our understanding of Astronomy. Until this idiot name Al Jazali, Islam was a great learning religion, it has since then delved into a dark era, something I hope it pulls it's self out of. 1.2 billion people that are as intelligent as anyone else devoting everything to … Read more

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Some of the best thing Islam has inspired Muslims to do include the following:1- Islam brought back strict monotheism into religion. God is a one-person one-willed God.

2- Islam removed religions' immunity from questioning. To those who said they would continue to follow the beliefs of their parents without question the HQ asks "what even if … Read more

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Well, if you're an American citizen living in America you're already ahead of the game. Getting rich is only a matter of how you use your time. The good news is that there are so many successful people in America, you have wide variety of blueprints to follow. Or you can always follow the footsteps … Read more