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Theaters don't earn anything for movie tickets, those go straight to the studios. Only way for the theater to stay open and pay wages is through concessions.

Same thing with Arena events. The artists, sport organization,  and performer gets the ticket sales. Concession sales is what keeps the stadium up.

The "idiots" can afford what … Read more

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The part of the Bible that is "clear" is Leviticus. It is also the part of the Bible that also tells you not to mix your fibers or grains. So If you want to go with it, empty you closet of all the cotton/polyester clothes you have, and throw out the multigrain bread you have.  … Read more

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Rich, poor, middle class.

Asian, Black, Brown, White, Olive, Blue

Pho, Adobo, Enchilada, Gyro, Curry, Pad Thai, Country Fried Steak, Tempura, Peking Duck, Rouladen, Chicken Pot Pie, Collard Greens, Dim Sum, Poke Salad, Quesadillas, Udon, Ramen, Lo Mein, Souvlaki, Naan Bread, Pita, Chile Relleno, Tempura, Fish'n Chips, Mimosa,

Apple, Intel, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, HP, TESLA

Stanford, Cal Poly, … Read more

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Neither to be honest. Facebook used to be great in the early beginnings. Now it's just for old people sharing and posting religious and political nonsense. But it still works great as an address book.

Tumblr was fun and exciting. But the community is now made up of mostly HAES activist. They … Read more

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Depends on how long the program is and how much it costs. Then you have to consider if the time and effort is really worth the $16 an hour? From your other comments I would say it's a good idea if the program is short and cheap. Since attending university later in life isn't a … Read more