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I actually have a hard time answering this type of question, I cried when my mom passed, yet not my dad, even I was closer to him than her. I was raised in a very christian household, yet I am atheist now. I look at death as a natural part of life, and have accepted … Read more

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First off, if one wants to say it was God that created everything we first have to determine which God. Each religion states that their God created it, so perhaps we should just take a vote. The biblical God didn't, he only created, according to the bible itself, dry land and a dome over the … Read more

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It really blows my mind that the most common fuel on earth is little used, and it is reusable. Hydrogen when ignited turns to water, then can be split again to burn again. Very few use it, but it's the one source that is nearly never ending.
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I'm not sure, Is your date short? I know guys do not like they're date being taller than they are. I like heels because it makes a woman's legs look sleeker, but if you are tall, I would avoid wearing heels unless your date is taller than you are. Just my opnion for a first … Read more

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According to what I have read and researched Einstein was not an atheist, he was more a Deiterist. He believed in the God of Spinoza, with the belief that God created the world and universe, but is only in nature, he does not interact with humans.

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