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Apartment. I'm not a outside diva, no yard work for me. If something breaks I call maintenance its fixed within 2-3 hours or less. I like my small community sharing and my present apt is like living in a beautiful park with other old mobile folks. Lots of all free activities, plus a movie room, … Read more

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I am a house person. I like to have a veggie garden and I have dogs that need room to run.  I have done apartments and townhomes and have heard enough people argue or play music or cook food that smells. This way I am not bothered and no bothers me.

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I have 3 boys and always after the first one was hoping for a girl, but was very quick to change my mind after about 5 seconds after birth.

I am a heterosexual male.  I'm an only child, and the cousins I was close enough to occasionally play with were all boys.  I guess my desire … Read more