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Doctors generally recommend that people should drink no more than six cups (or four mugs) of coffee in a day. Those with such health problems as heart or kidney disease or high blood pressure should have less than that. And pregnant women or those who breast-feed their babies should have no more than one cup … Read more

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The latest studies show 2-3 cups of coffee can be good for you IF you have no serious medical conditions. If your suffer from acid reflux it is two much acid, If you have a heart condition or suffer from anxiety, the caffiene can be bad. So what it really comes down to is if … Read more

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They never seem to make up their mind whether coffee is good for you or not. This article has the goods and a few bad things. I think coffee in moderation is actually good for you and so do most Doctors.

Drinking coffee - pros and cons from a medical perspective ...

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I've been drinking three to four 16oz cups a day for 45 years and my health is fine. I'm older than dirt and I'm not going to stop drinking coffee until I'm under the dirt.

Some people that I know just can't drink coffee. The caffeine makes them jittery and they start bouncing off the … Read more