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Don't give up! I was 21 before I even had my first date! As Angela said, they come out of the strangest places. Believe it or not, my dating life (and eventual marriage) began with the discussion of an algebraic equation. The nerd in me was awakened and she didn't leave, lol. My point is, … Read more

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Once again a questions references what at first seems to be a known concept, but for which I find very interesting links on the internet.

My answer was going to be an offhand comment that in a good marriage you actually become soulmates. And that was based on the fact that a soulmate that you … Read more

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Only when people don't speak loud enough. I blame it on age, loud music, and lack of hearing protection when I use power tools. My ex wife used to say I had selective hearing or something like that. I wasn't really paying attention.