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Most likely it's just the button that is broken. I wouldn't recommend trying to fix it yourself, though. Take it to your carrier or talk to your phone insurance (if you have it) and see what they can do to help you out. Perhaps this is a sign to upgrade to the iPhone 6! :)

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2 thoughts:  You may be too young to really know. But even if it turns out that you are bisexual, why would you have to tell your parents?  I don't mean " keep it a secret."  I just don't understand the need to feel you must tell your parents about your personal sexual life. I … Read more

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You won't like my answer but I'm going to tell you.

I'm really sick and tired of people telling me and the world they're  bisexual, transgender, gay, homosexual, pansexual, nonsexual, asexual, almost sexual, closet sexual and any other kind of sexual.

I'm over 55 and I have never, ever said to anyone, in a conversation, group, in … Read more

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Let's assume you DO know what your sexuality is.

The problem is with the way that humans grow and change at your age.

As you continue to become who you are, one day you are turning to the east, another to the west, not to mention the occasional walk to the south and to the north. 

So … Read more

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Those are some of the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can manifest itself differently in different people. Best thing to do is talk with your doctor, explain what's happening, and let him/her determine what your proper diagnosis is.