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No, I don't, but I think that some gay people sometimes have a problem with me, and I think that's because they're disappointed in me. Which I can understand and don't necessarily disagree with, because I, and even my family, are also sometimes disappointed in me myself, perhaps for even some of the same things … Read more

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You know when you go to the dentist and get Novocain? That is cocaine based. Same as Lidocaine. Opioids are based on the same drug as heroine. They have both have their place in proper medicine.

And as for being told marijuana is bad for you, it has always been one of those things that … Read more

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Cocaine has already been used for medicine, and in a sense. Still is. Marijuana has never been "bad" for you except in the smoking sense, Propaganda has distorted our perception on certain substances and the hype has lead many to fear what they've been told.

"Think for yourself. Question authority."