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Dear N.Harmonik,

When someone says something so horrific as you describe, it can seem immensely necessary to counter them...but what several answers on your previous Q were expressing (imo) is that someone with this kind of attitude, you just can never get anywhere by engaging them on their own level... dragging you into their own muck.

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Listen with mildness and understanding... nod your head a couple times and listen.  COUNTER with.....

Any or all choices.

1. You say OK. Engage in conversation if you really care 😊.

2. Fist fight.

3. Cuss/swear or spit at them. (Not on them).

4. Walk away.

5. Matter-Of-Fact tell them you're Superior and fight them. Or

6. If it's you N. … Read more

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Since you didn't have the courtesy to show your name I don't know why you think we would honour you by giving ours. But here's a quote and it comes from a man named Ogden Nash. It's called "Advice to Husbands".

To keep your marriage flowing, with love in the loving cup, whenever you're wrong … Read more