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Suck it up Alexandra Samantha Williams, and stop acting like you own everybody you piece of mouse dung! -Aunt Izabelle June 8th, 1989

Quit acting like a wannabe queenie sissy! -9 year old brother Joshua

You're such a drama Queen, Alexandra. -Mom

Don't listen to your father. He doesn't even know what he's talking … Read more

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We do need religion! Religion has been a fundamental part of our civilisation for thousands if years. It is both true, in my opinion, and gives people hope for the future. What does atheism promise? Nothing but a meaningless life followed by death.

Religion is also the embodiment of free speech. In a society where we … Read more

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Dear Isabelle Marie Dandurand,
Just yesterday you were in diapers. Today you're wearing nothing but underwear and a cowgirl hat, screaming, "YEEEHAWW," in the house, pretending you're the lone ranger, (not right now, now but when I was little) We love you so much. But you're irrational and counter-productive sometimes. Also, we'd like to share with
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