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I hate to say it but guts are usually correct. 😔

Now the thing you have to figure out is this... Is it your GUT telling you or is it FEAR talking to you? There is a very fine line between the two and sometimes they can feel like they cross into each other. Don't answer … Read more

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Simply tell him, u don't like seeing them together. Even if they r 'just friend's

Its ultimatum time. U or her. If he chooses her, go shake her hand and thank her for showing u what a low life scum he is. ( this will irritate the both of them- although they will,never admit it. But … Read more

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i have done this multiple times he tells me there just friends. weve been in a relationship for 10 months now and this girl has just randomly come out of no where. he said they used to have a thing before he met me but nothing happened and theyre just friends now. i dont know … Read more
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honestly just ask him, even if hes out of your league! I always find it better to know then to sit and ponder on it. You could be missing out on something great. If he likes you awesome if he does´nt its still awesome. Then you can remove your mind of him and eventually you´ll … Read more