Gator Blu
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Not anymore. I would when I lived up north. After having windows and doors closed up for months, I would open everything up and do a deeper cleaning than routine. Since I am back in Florida we are never shut in. Plus I do a deep clean before entertaining, and I do that more here. … Read more

Ancient Hippy
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I hire a crew to come in to clean my house every spring. Furniture is moved and cleaned under, windows washed, carpet cleaned, walls scrubbed, woodwork and doors scrubbed, hardwood floors steamed cleaned and polished...........the works.

My dog and I just go somewhere for most of the day and let them do their thing. I'm … Read more

echooos echooos
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Not a good idea, Maybe you should save that dirty old action figure that's been sitting around in storage for god-knows-how-long until your child is a little older like maybe 5 years old, until then how about an age appropriate teething ring.

Yin and Yang
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I would first make sure a five month old isnt gonna choke on any of the parts. Times have changed since you were a child and that is very young for an action figure in my opinion.

Alex Koroliuk
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If you're shopping for a new mattress, you're either buying a new bed or are dissatisfied with your current mattress. Check out our mattress size guide below to get an idea of which size is going to be perfect for you. We took into consideration all major mattress sizes in the market, in order to … Read more

Bikergirl Anonymous
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The tear problem may be something that needs to be addressed by a vet.  There are medical conditions (like explained in other posts) that need to be treated.

The staining is probably the result of low  quality food. Change your puppy food to a better quality food and you'll find the staining problem will go away.

Lucy Forrester
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Many dog breeds can sometimes be prone to a condition called Epiphora. This condition is evident where excessive tear production occurs or the tear drainage of the eye is constricted.

Angel eyes does work but it contains an antibiotic which really isnt ideal for something that it a long term problem, there are plenty of … Read more

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Light Smoke With Burning Smell

Light, wispy smoke coming from the bottom of the washing machine indicates a problem with the transmission shifting solenoid. Smoke coming from the upper back of the machine indicates a bad fill valve solenoid. And smoke coming from the control panel indicates a bad timer motor. Replace the defective components as … Read more