Smie Smith
Smie Smith answered Raicu Rainer's question

It is a special designed dress which it is suitable for prom party, I have been doing some research online, I want buy a beautiful prom dresses ,but haven’t made a final decision yet. I have been looking at some dresses on, I usually read the reviews to see what kind of feedback … Read more

Echo Jones
Echo Jones answered Anonymous' question

A couple years ago I went to the Princess Diane dress exhibition at the Mohegan Sun Casino, her wedding dress and about 75 other of her most famous dresses were on display, they were absolutely beautiful!

Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered Joy Twain's question

Tried on a puffer coat in a shop. Decided I didn't like it as I looked like the Michelin man. Then to my horror the zip was stuck. Spent an hour in that coat walking up and down trying to jiggle the zip while the security guard gave me funny looks. Eventually, with sweat dripping … Read more