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because we use a grounded system, the electricity will take the shortest route to the ground. Salt water is a good conductor, you are not, so the electricity will go through the water to the ground. This would also cause the fuses and circuit breakers to open the circuit.  You would only be in danger … Read more

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If you are detecting amps, you have current flowing in the circuit. 

And in a parallel circuit, the current in each branch is determined by the resistance in that branch.

I don't want to guess at what you are trying to find out.

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A conventional battery can be used time and again to do that.

On a survival course many years ago, on Romney Marsh. We were given a old torch battery and some wire wool  and expected to start a fire. It worked, along with some burned fingers.

I guess you are more likely to be carrying tinfoil … Read more

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If you are using an old meter i.e. The meter purchased before April 2014, then you have to switch to the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) power meter provided and installed by the SP Power Grid Ltd. This has to be done before choosing any private electricity retailers like iSwitch, Tuas or any other power supply … Read more
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Every quarter, the SP tariff rates are revised and they are available at the official Singapore Power services website. I did a comparison of the rates of a few retailers with the SP services rates and found iSwitch to be the best. They also offer 18% discount on the SP services tariff rate.

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A coil of wire inculed with voltage. This voltage is called induced voltage and it is induced due to the change in magnetic flux of the coil. If we take a current carry wire, a magnetic field will be there due to flow of current. If we change the current of wire, magnetic flux will … Read more

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If you are talking about a typical and properly wired electrical circuit in a house, the black is the hot wire, the white is the neutral and the bare copper wire is the ground.

The current in such a circuit is alternating. The white wire will have the same voltage as the black wire if the … Read more

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I don't know for sure, but I would certainly not plug them in while the computer is plugged in and running. I'm honestly confused as to why you need to consider doing something like this...? It's not something I've ever thought about doing for any reason. I asked my PC guru and he said the … Read more