Dark Majinn
Dark Majinn answered Walter The Grump's question

"Testicleas the Vag Slayer" . . . Sorry first thing that popped into my head.

Lord Garthwick Wielder of the Urth Clave.

Lord Garthwick can tap into the 5 elements to combine or use in any way shape or form . . .

I used my imagination (like all men and their myths/religions) to conjure that … Read more

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered Mettaton EX's question

I had a bunny nest in my yard my dog found. She didn't hurt the babies but was curious. After getting my dog away, I went online and did some research. Baby bunnies are not like other mammals that need to be fed every few hours. They can go 12 hours without being fed. The … Read more

Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy answered Mettaton EX's question

It really depends on how old it is and it's size.

It should be returned to the exact place where it was found, the mother will find it. Contrary to popular beliefs, animals will NOT reject their young because of "human touch".