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Tigers sleep from 18 to 20 hours a day to balance out their energy that is spent hunting for fast-paced food. Find out how tigers sleep with information from an animal behavior specialist in this free video on zoo animals.

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Animals are almost the same sleep in the forest, as they like to be free, so they can sleep everywhere they like, further more, they have their territory, so they don't like us to control them, theses animals are called wild ones.

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Hi anonymous, or Dire Dire.

I've worked with a couple of wildlife rehabilitators.  Since deer are herbivores, it's not really dangerous to assimilate the new deer into a herd. 

"Each herd has dominant members, usually an older doe. Do not be surprised if she “disciplines” your fawns (as well as others in the wild herd) by … Read more

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Two quotes from a great article:

"But the reason we shouldn't eat dogs is related to the same reason it is more heinous and hateful to burn a synagogue than a community center, or that it is more of a violation to burn down a man's home than the two rental properties he … Read more

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Because farm animals are raised for the sole purpose of food .. And have always been for thousands of years.  Cats and Dogs were deemed as 'working' animals, they had jobs (controling vermin, protection, alarm system, herding, etc) and eventually deemed as pets as those jobs became obsolete. 

We have become a society that frowns … Read more

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Call the vet and ask if there is a low risk abortifacient available for canines.  (I think there was about 20 years ago, but I'm not current on my information.)

And ask about neutering before you get off the phone.

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I am definitely not in favor of this idea. You should definitely spay your female dog if you don't want this to happen in the future. However, I've found a link. You should check it out and then get in touch with your vet that cares for your dog.