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Not the one honored today. Weeds in the garden are beneficial but, they are a pain in the rear end.

I could eat a whole meal on a stick. Teriyaki beef, veggie skewers, corn dogs, Big Sticks, Strawberry shortcake skewers.

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The teens are a hard time to define emotionally.  Sometimes you have too many feelings and others you just feel numb. It is perfectly normal, as long as you don't "set up shop" in the numb feelings. When you are feeling that way and it drags on a bit, go do something you enjoy.

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Being with someone isn't easy. Its work. I think with time you just are able to figure out what works, and what doesn't. We are wholeheartedly committed but are only together because we WANT to be. I'm not going to settle, I'm not here for any obligation. I cannot be unhappy. I won't. Life is … Read more
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We never disagree, I won't allow it. I get my way or it's the highway. She isn't even smart enough to formulate, let alone orate a sentence of disagreement. She wasn't the smartest one in the litter either.

Of course, my significant other is my dog.

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We disagree a few times a week. We have a serious fight maybe once a year. It depends on the matter at hand. We let trivial things go by. Things like picking up after yourself, replacing the toilet roll. More serious issues would be, respect issues, family issues(his and mine) money issues.

I have to … Read more

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Adore you. Just going to throw out some thoughts here. All of the above answered your questions. But my concern is that while knowing these things does not mean that she will do them. You can drag that horse to the water but you can't make them drink. You can tell her to look into … Read more

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It was a stunning and sudden decision and it sounds like your daughter was able to convince her grandfather to go along with her plans. I would ask your daughter if she has any plans to use the dress / shoes and if the answer is no, put them on eBay and call it good.

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