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I'm pretty much a minimalist when it comes to possessions and lifestyle. I don't over indulge in anything (with the exception of pizza). My car is 9 years old, I don't have much furniture, only one TV, no stereo, one 5 year old suit, basic clothing................... I tend to give things away, if you need … Read more

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In one of his books, Asimov had a tyrant say, "I'm glad you're not looking for justice, Mr. Bayley.  People who want justice are such nice people that it's a shame to disappoint them."

Life is full of injustices but even though I may shrug off the minor ones, I remember the biggies.

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Dear Jan,

I would never even want to forget, because someone's ability for justice is part of how I relate to them...

Typically I don't even find myself in the "line of fire" for injustice, because I start with my own sense about people, and if they are incapable of justice I would just duck and dodge … Read more

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Well Jan, not easily, no. That being said, I do have to add that the one major "injustice" in my life I must try to forget, learn from, yes....but also forget, lest it control the rest of my life...and that would be giving waaay too much power to that injustice. So yes, I choose to … Read more