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You can do anything you like but if the date goes well and you find yourself in an intimate situation with the lady, and if it becomes necessary to remove your clothes, just make sure to keep your boots on. Nothing kills lust as quickly as a woman rolling about on the floor, laughing.

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We know that Boudicca was defeated by Suetonius Paulinus somewhere within (probably) 2 days march from North London. No-one has yet been able to determine the actual battle site.

Yet, even after 2000 years, given the detailed descriptions, we ought to be able to find the site of such a pitched battle.

Dozens of sites have been … Read more

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About five years ago, I got pulled for doing 60 in a 35 zone when I was pulled. I was tired and wasn't paying attention to my speed. I simply told the truth, admitted I was at fault, and apologized. He let me off with a warning. Needless to say, I never sped again... In … Read more