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What a silly idea!  Exercise does not stunt your growth. 


I really should exercise more.  But I read somewhere: 

Rabbits jump and live 8 years.  Dogs run and live 15 years.  Tortoises do nothing and live 150 years. 

Lesson learned.

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Depends . . . Where the job moves you, will it cost more to live or less? . . . Is it a job with "Upward Mobility" or will you never advance?

Will you incur additional travel expenses to visit family, or roughly the same amount?

It is a place you could comfortably live or is … Read more

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Is the job something you really enjoy? It would not a good to move someplace just to be unhappy in your work nd then be stuck because you can't afford to move back home.

How far will you have to move? Can you make friends easily? Being alone in a new city can be hard, … Read more

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Have you tried to actually ask anyone out? How many years did you spend working on yourself? Your personal hygiene? Physical and mental health? Academics? Aspirations? Goals? Hobbies? Have you worked on any of those?