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Hello All,

We do not believe this to be a question, but rather a message/form of chat. There is a chat console on the site which can be used for this.

3. Question Submissions

3.1 Upon submitting the "Ask a Question" form, the Site Editor will make a decision to either approve or reject your question, based on … Read more

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Hello All I can assure you that it was not the current moderators that removed accounts like Just Ice said. We have only disabled spammers and advertisers. Sometimes mistakes are made during moderation. I would like to make it clear that we are trying new techniques and each day the new moderating staff are learning … Read more
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Hi Everyone! The problem arose when someone posted a question with code that disrupted certain parts of the website. The reason that it took a while to sort out was because it stopped the moderating system from working as well. The problem is now resolved and we know what to if it happens again. Sorry … Read more