How many refugees here from I'm one of them!


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Me! Me! : )

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Bubblicious Bubblicious
It will get better with practice. It's actually a little better today.. Remember a few years ago when ASK updated and everyone was going crazy, they hated it. Couldn't find comments, etc. then we all adjusted.. We'll figure it out.. They are working on some things as well no worries!
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Practice makes perfect if you've got the patience.
yeahsure linda
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I have few virtues, so maybe a new habit
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I am one. I have seen many many of the ones I know and many others that say so.

It seems like a nice place to be.

We will find each other.

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I am a refugee of ASK. Ask is, now, nothing more than the sorrowed echoos of it's many faithful users.

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I am, I joined here a few months ago but never used it. It isn't as mobile friendly & I'm not very tech savy. I'm so glad to see all my ask family here. I feel much better with every notification

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Our name is legion. 

I've managed to locate about 80 and more are coming all the time. If you check the "Following" links of your contacts you'll quickly pick up their contacts and we'll soon have the whole community back together again.

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Didge Doo
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How did you do that?
Didge Doo
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I've got one of those and never realised. Whee...

😇 (dunno if you can make it out, but he has a halo)
Rath Keale
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Yeah. He needs the other one. Otherwise he's just fake fake faking it.
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Hey people! I'm an Ask user! AaronMiddlebrookIII is my name on! User Profile I joined in the month of January 2015 and has asked 160 questions, answered 646 answers, and has 491 helpful answers. You're welcome.

Please vote!!!

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I am also a member of the sign that reads: "Declined.  We won't take your kind after June 30th,"  Can't you read the sign????

That song Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign by the Five Man Electric Band just came to mind!!!

I'm one too!!

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I'm here, but different. I'm still trying to figure out how to move around.

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