follow me? please


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Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

I was going to ... But since you're begging, now I'm not.


Danae Hitch Profile
Danae Hitch answered

It's not a contest. Once you jump in and give great answers and have a bit of fun now and then, people will know you and want to follow to see what you have to say.

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

okay :)

Tom  Jackson Profile
Tom Jackson answered

The only reason I follow someone is to be able to send a message to them.  (Messages require that you and the person you wish to message are following each other.)

It's not a sign that you have accomplished anything on here.

If you want to message me, follow me and I will follow you back.

Charles Davis Profile
Charles Davis answered

This is not Twitter or Facebook

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