What did I miss? I've had a bad migraine for about five days. Finally feel better and am now back online. I missed you guys!

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Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

I'm very haaaaaappy you're back. I hear migraines can be painful and debilitating.

My doctor advice put on 😎 and lie in a 🆒 room.

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Sorry to hear about that migraine ! I know a couple of other people who suffer from those. What did you miss ? Lot's of good questions and answers and a bit of drama. LOL

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Welcome back Danae, I'm super glad to see you here. One thing that you missed is the fact that Ray Dart found out that he actually has friends here.

Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

You missed loads!

We invaded Burundi (no-one noticed).

We were visited by Zargs from the planet Susan.

We invented the colour blue and someone is digging an escape tunnel.

Pity you were not here.........

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

You should take that medicine i sent u. Im sending u a fresh batch of strawberry shine that will get rid of all migraines and other pains

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Sorry to hear about the migraine, and am glad you are feeling better, You missed Otis trying out for the Houston Texas Cheerleaders. I have been busy the last few days and haven't been on much so I don't know if he made it was issued his high heeled red boots though. Maybe he will let us know.

SuperFly Original Profile

Yeah I hear migraines can ruin just about any day. Welcome back! Hope you feel better. Nothing major happened that I know of like rooster said.

Angela Anthony Profile
Angela Anthony answered

Glad to see you back Danae! I also have migraines, some of which last for days and days like yours....they are definitely terrible. Glad you feel better!

AnnNettie Paradise Profile

Awwww, migraine headaches for five days? Oh my!!! Welcome back, Danae! We are so happy that you are feeling better. What did you missed? All of us trying to get Ray Dart to smile. :)))

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