Do you regularly use coupons? 


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Skip  Gentry Profile
Skip Gentry answered

I usually don't have any coupons to use because I don't get the paper. But if I happen to come across any, I'll definitely use them.

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

I use them sometimes, but sometimes I get lazy and don't bother with them, even though I know that could help considering my low college-student income lol

Joyce Hall Profile
Joyce Hall answered

Not usually. As a rule I will buy generic. On occasion I will use them, if its a product I use..

Ancient One Profile
Ancient One answered

Anytime they are for products I normally buy I will use them. Many years ago when it was just me and the mrs plus one little baby we challenged ourselves to see how much we could save on things we used by using coupons. We did it once and never again but when the tape was totalled up the total was aproximately $360 for a month of groceries and cleaning supplies for 4 months.  After the coupons were deducted the final tab was $138.  The store manager quietly said, "thank you for shopping with us please don't come back." LOL

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Remya Snapay answered

I used to have Facebook shopping and I will have my payments through Snapay app. Through this apps, I will get cash back and I will use it.

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