Is anyone else glad that the Fourth of July is over ? Four nights it was noisy and kept my dog and I awake.


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Nope, doesn't make a difference for me!

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Ancient Hippy answered

It rained here yesterday, starting in the early evening and into the night. All of the fireworks were cancelled, to be held at a later date. Now, we have MORE nights of noise to look forward to in the near future.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
They've always been around since we were kids but now they seem to be more powerful and many more illegal ones. That's about all I heard last night.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Oh...illegal ones...that seems to make sense, those we had here starting fires, probably illegal.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
I don't know what's legal in your area ... but in WA we can go up to 500g ... which shoots the fireworks up to 150 feet in the air.

The problem is not the fireworks, any more than it is firearms.

It's people don't read/follow the instructions. Every one I've bought say to have people stay at least 100 years away. So I figure it's a good idea to keep houses that far away, as well.
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Fourth of July lasted four nights?

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Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
Here too ... it's overkill!
RIK RZ commented
We don't usually do fireworks here so I don't know how that feels like
Is it loud?
Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
They can be so loud they shake your windows if they're close enough. It's like hearing gunshots too. Can really scare people and animals.
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Virginia Lou answered

Many of us here in Tenino have had enough, including me yes!!!

The Roman candles were blasting and beautiful, but several fires got going...although no buildings destroyed...however a friend in Iowa was almost burned out, and her neighbor's kitty was killed.

...both pets and people were frightened, it was very bad and too much.

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Yes! Though for the most part my neighborhood kept it reasonable. There weren't any that I noticed on Friday or Saturday nights. Sunday got loud but that stopped by 10 or so. Last night i was hearing booms before dark. I was not happy about that! I was trying to get the dogs out to potty and exercise before being cooped up for the evening. I finally yelled in the direction of the noise to wait until dark. My dogs were medicated and wrapped in their Thundershirts. Arabella climbed into my lap, (She is nearly 60 lbs.) and then Skully climbed into her "lap". I think I do need to get Skully a ne Thndershirt though. He is wearing Arabella's hand-me-down, and pink really isn't his color.

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PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
Don't apologize Blue! I think that are too!
Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
They look so cute there, Gator! Do the thundershirts work for them?
PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
The Thundershirt has been a Godsend for Arabella! Since we have gotten it Arabella she will now sleep through a thunder storm. I has even helped reduce her stress going to the vet.
This was Skully's first time and it did wonders for him He went from barking at the fireworks to snoring away.
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I hope so! This morning I was awakened at 3:30 a.m., because someone decided to blow some fireworks off. I hope they don't continue tonight. They are illegal in my city, but people still use them.

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Barb Cala answered

I hope so too.  On July 3 .. We could see and hear 5 different fireworks' displays nearby!  We were gone on the 4th, but I can just imagine what would have been going on then.  It's enough already. 

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