What are the types of things that immediately impress you about a person? Or turn you off?


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Their teeth ... I have an issue with bad teeth. I know that's superficial but it's the first thing I notice. Also I can pick up on if someone is a warm person or not , fairly quickly. I do not like cold "snippy" people . Snippy is a word I think.

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Jaimie  JT
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Cool Spot
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Interesting though some people never have enough money for proper hygiene or to get them straightened so unless you can tell its from snuff or something I don't usually let that be a factor.
Jaimie  JT
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Where I live you don't need money for basic hygiene health or dental care ..: it's a given and a right . So lack of care is a huge turn of for me.
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Like 😊Clean appearances, clean teeth, manners and a smile, fresh smell.

Not Like 😣 Dirty appearances, smelly rottening teeth, with food in their teeth and dirty hair.

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I like people who are unique. If that person looks like a meth addict then no thank you.

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Gush! If I meet someone who is over-the-top gushy, I keep well away; but too little gush can be boring. We all need a well-maintained gushometer.

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I've always found one's speech and posture to be particularly important, one way or the other. Though as many others have pointed out, being slovenly, compulsively profane or unwashed defeats all. 

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I am feeling very smitten right now so this is an extremely hard question to answer! LOL

If I was in my usual state of mind....

My eyes are immediately drawn to a dad with his child/ren. That sight always melts my heart.

"Fakeness" is a turn off for me

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If a person makes eye contact and looks like they care what your talking about.

If a person is trying to 1 up everything people are saying.

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It immediately impresses me to find out someone speaks multiple languages. I admire it, find it sexy, and am jealous of it since I only speak one.

It immediately turns me off to find out someone never reads books.

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As we speaking about such "immediate" effect. Without judging someone with their financial status. I care about how people represent themselves following their appearance and proper cares. Cloths, cleanness, smells, fashions, sharpness. Style and prestige. This has a huge impressions on me as part of a "first sight cycle".

As starting interactions, kindness, modesty, good moral,intelligence, warm personality, friendly attitudes, respective manner, communicative and positive people are what impress me the most. (there are surely more traits)

As to the first sight cycle! Lack of proper care and hygiene on appearance is the first turn off. (till later! To come and see what's inside).

As starting interaction with someone, jealousy, selfishness, racism acts, rude language,cold personalities and judgmental minds are what turn me off also those who are unable to understand the concept of "appropriate" according to the location and those who imagine they "know everything".

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