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is it worth going out to a nightclub/bar on a sat night how do you spend your weekend?


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Mountain Man answered

Other than to remodel, I haven't been in a nightclub/bar for many many years. My weekends give me more time to work on home projects. I might have a few beers while I'm doing that but I'm on the same sleep schedule as the weekdays.

Call me Z Profile
Call me Z answered

For some, nightclubs are a worthwhile destination for socializing, grabbing some grub or having drinks, seeing and being seen. I have had a partial ownership stake in my buddy's clubhouse lounge at a local golf course for years. Really nice place. We stop in on occasion or after a day on the course. 

Geez, I sound like a radio commercial, my apologies.

For me though, I have plenty of other diversions, quite a lot of fancy toys; no real need to frequent bars or clubs. 

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

When you are young and hanging out with friends, sure. It can be a great way to blow off steam from the pressures of a workweek.  As long as you don't over indulge and go with people who you trust.

As people get older, they usually have found other ways to decompress and have no use for the noise and crowds.

Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

Many moons ago I would have said yes. But now..... No it is not worth it to me.

Retiredkop Retiredkop Profile

At my age it wouldn't be worth it!  Can't drink because of the Med's I take.  Spent too many years dealing and trying to reason with intoxicated people.  I have the best significant other I could only hope to find in my life time!  Don't want to debate polictics, or life in general with others.  Plus, it would be past my bedtime!

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