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Would you rather sit in a recliner or a rocking chair?


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A recliner.

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My recliner also rocks when in the down position.  That is one of the reasons I got it.  Some days I'm laid back some days I rock!  Doesn't get better that this!

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I saw the expression "appropriately-worded" in there somewhere. I remember having to explain to my three and a half-year-old daughter why her baby brother was built a bit differently from her. An odd conversation at the time. Of course, like most parents, I put off REALLY telling her until she probably knew already.
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My niece and nephews were perfectly happy with "dinks are what boys have, and mini's are what girls have. Then they'd all go off and play power rangers.
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I personally wouldn't want a stranger talking to my children about sex and homosexuality certainly not when they are four. I saw it on ITV
The telegraph was the only paper to print the age as on the news programme.
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Depends on the context . . .

On the porch in a cool breeze with beverage of choice . . rocking chair

In the living room, with the lights off, and the 65" TV playing any number of my favorite movies with pizza by my side and beverage of choice . . . recliner

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Recliner, only because rocking chairs can now trigger my vertigo.

I agree with Tiger, rocking chairs are great for babies, especially if you want to avoid aching arms and dancing for hours in the kitchen with the radio on O_o  

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Hello! Rocking chairs are pretty old-fashioned, I would rather sit in a recliner! Those sold these days are pretty amazing! Some even come with in-built Shiatsu massages and various other settings. Comfort is very important and it will eventually be wise to opt for the seat that delivers in this sense.

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What about rocker recliners? Today we can have both options. I personally bought an Esright rocking recliner and I'm happy with it. This chair has massage and heating options, and two cup holders. And it is very comfortable. In case you are still in search, look through the review on It will provide you with all the necessary details and help make the right choice.

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