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We lost the great Chuck Berry today. What are your recollections of him, or of that early period of rock-n-roll?

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Roll Over Beethoven is my favorite Chuck Berry Song.

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His music is incredible!!! There was never anyone like him and there never will be. His music will live on forever.

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um who is chuck barry....

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carlos Striker
carlos Striker commented
She can google but, it wont be the same mate. What you saw and experienced then will not create same impression to that magnitude now?
Mountain  Man
Mountain Man commented
Make sure you google Chuck Berry, not Buckcherry. :)
Tiger Paws
Tiger Paws commented
@carlos, since she doesn't know who he was, and he's now gone. Google is her next best option. She will never know him like most of us did.
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Wow, I didn't know that and I live in the same State he does. He was a great musician and I loved all his music.

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Don Barzini answered

I first became aware of Chuck when my old man would play "My D--- a L--g" on the hi fi after we kids had gone to bed. (Title edited for lame rules on this site)

Of course I became a fan when I discovered Rock-n-Roll on my own. A great man, an icon of the 20th Century. Long may his music live.

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carlos Striker answered

People come and go, things come and go. What remains is the impression they or it made on you for the rest of your life. Another cycle starts with somebody else and not necessarily of the same things.

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Mountain Man answered

He was a true rock and roll pioneer. I first heard him when I was a youngster.  My mother would play his records. She would even give me the broom as a fake guitar and get me to attempt the duck walk while listening to his songs. ( fond memories ) Johnny B. Goode was always my favorite of his but he had many good songs . My D..g-a-L..g was another favorite.  He influenced many, many rockers.

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I heard of his passing on the radio and was very saddened. His music was the basis many found memories for me. He was a unique person. I know for a fact in the early days he had no manager, he didn't want one. He did his own bookings and traveled via grey hound bus at first. When he felt he could afford one he bought a car.  His music was unique and fantastic.

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