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Alright a place here in texas is making bullet proof back packs. Are we that paranoid??


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Are people shooting children in the back? And wouldn't a school book work just as well? I think it is either someone who is playing on a parent's fear, or they have found a way to get around selling bulletproof vests. They are only sold to law enforcement in Florida. It is believed that law enforcement and those that would harm to others would need them.

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A couple weeks ago I get a text from the school district. It says the school is on "soft" lock down due to precautions from what happened in a town about 15-30 mins away give or take traffic. So I immediately call the school a few times. Of course they don't answer. (Rolls eyes) so I send my husband to go get our daughter. I finally found out what went on at the school that was the cause of the "soft" lock down at my daughters school. A newly divorced teachers estranged ex husband came into her class room of 20 SPECIAL NEEDS 1st-3rd grade children with a gun and shot the teacher which went through her and hit the two petrified children hiding behind their teacher.... Then turned the gun on himself. All while a class full of special needs babies watched! Last I heard one of the two children died.

So you no longer have to worry about disgruntled bullied kids coming to school with shot guns. Now add disgruntled ex's on the list of murderers! Oh this makes me so mad! I absolutely LOATHE public schools any more.

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Yin And Yang
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It's absolutely horrible! Not only were these children but they were special needs children! My biggest "worry" in school was failing a class or maybe MAYBE find a girl with a cigarette in the bathroom ditching. The biggest "drama" or "gossip" or "problems" we faced in school was the couple pregnant girls and what to do with them because in the school official's eyes pregnancy was contagious and they didn't want the pregnant girls infecting the other girls!
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How times have changed. It's sad to see this.
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That's pretty tragic and horrifying. But I fail to see what that has anything to do with public school. I'm pretty sure it was a soft lockdown because the perpetrator already shot himself.
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Sounds a bit extreme, Otis. :(

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I wouldn't sell the back pack, but a Bullet Proof insert that can be moved from back pack to back pack would be a great money maker . . . AND it only seems paranoid to those who haven't suffered a loss of a child in any of the number of school shootings.

Trust me, if my kids were still in grade school they would have that insert . . . Heck I may even send my youngest to college with something like that.

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I agree. As a parent I'd do anything to insure my child's safety. Sadly these are the times we live in now. Looking the other way and denying it doesn't make it any less so. No offense to anyone, I just have a difference of opinion.

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