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Today is Meg Ryan's bday. what is ur favorite movie with her?


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You've Got Mail

When Harry Met Sally

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City of angels

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City of angels =)

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So odd that all weekend long I have been singing "It had to be you" . . One of the iconic songs from "When Harry Met Sally".

I have often thought that Rob Reiner did a phenomenal job of catching all of the little pieces of New York in this movie. I spent a long weekend in New York during the last part of the leaf changing colors . . .

I loved the chemistry that Meg and Billy Crystal have in this movie and although I also love the chemistry Meg and Tom Hanks have, this has always been my favorite Meg Ryan movie.

Here's some pics of Katz Deli while I was there:

Here's a pic of the best Slow cooked Pastrami on rye I have ever had:

And finally, a shot from where the cameras were set up to capture that famous scene in Harry Met Sally and I believe this is the table (if not really close to where it was during the shoot):

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Kate and Leopold

Kate and Leopold

Kate and Leopold 😁😁😁

And Anastasia the princess animated film. πŸ‘‘

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