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I've never had a Harvey wallbanger but Echooos makes it sound so fun! I will go to her house and bring the orange tree ahh I mean juice! Yah juice......

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I've always travelled alone.; since i'm 22 I lived 6 months in Greece, 6 months in Slovenia and now almost 1,5 years in Warsaw (poland).. I love to travel alone.. But now i've got a girlfriend and my next place to live will be thailand but with her :D I learned a lot of myself … Read more

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A clinical thermometer is calibrated so that it can measure the temperature of a human. Most of these thermometers have liquid inside of them, such as mercury or colored liquids, that react to temperature change. 

This thermometer is placed under a person's tongue or in the underarm region of the body, while others are placed in … Read more

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For your Windows computer to your Macbook Air ? You can use software I think like:

  • Camtasia
  • FFsplit
  • Camstudio
  • iSpring Free Cam
  • Ezvid
  • Fraps

But can you tell me the exact goal? Because I use the following tool to talk to my VA's (Virtual Assistants). I use a free tool called Loom.
This is a chrome plugin, and it … Read more