Otis Campbell

Its nationall thank a a mail man day. National create a vacuum day.and national homemade soup day. What is your favorite homemade soup or stew??😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

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Hi Otis.  Sorry you are still having problems.  Does the screen go black?  

Tiger just kept trying, and eventually got it to load.

If the URL message shows up, please write it down for me.  :)


Btw, I love soup!!  I'm with Echooos.  Veggie beef rocks!

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Do mail men still have jobs?

Is there such thing as an "e-mail man?"

What is this you speak of, home made soup? Do you mean like poured from a can to the stove instead of a microwave?

And what is this "V V V Vacuum" thingy you speak of?

OTIS! You are speaking another language! I'm scared!

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What is the difference between the USPS and the Boy Scouts?---the Boy Scouts have adult leaders.

If your mail gets to your box on a regular basis with a minimum of errors, thank your mail carrier---he or she has managed to do that in spite of the barriers management continually puts in his way.  Good mail service occurs only because the carrier cares more about you as a customer than management does.

National Create a Vacuum Day---The source, or even the purpose, of this fun and geeky holiday are unknown, so we can only guess that the holiday calls for people to learn more about the science behind a vacuum and experiment with it (as much as they can with common household equipment) ---'nuff said.

national homemade soup day---any homemade soup my wife makes is delicious.

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Please excuse me for being different.  I don't eat red meat  My favorite homemade soup is homemade golden mushroom soup.  Base is a vegetarian broth,  mushrooms with olive oil , garlic , onions

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