Jordan A.

How do you block people on here? People so old shouldn't be acting like 3 yr olds.


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You can't block people on here , maybe they have a good reason for telling you like it is on here.

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Hehehe! You can't block people here, best just to try and get along and if you can't do that well you don't have to keep coming back.

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There is no block button and the report button don't mean diddley squat actually. Please read my comment under Otis's answer. 😊

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This is an open forum. All are welcome to express their views, no one is obligated to please you.

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Get a life jordan or is it troll king

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Jordan A.
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Follow your own advice.
Yin And Yang
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Jordan, please don't talk that way to Otis and Willie. We are all a family out here and have been together for years. We are not easily breakable. Please be kind to us and we will be kind back. Otis and Willie are not going anywhere. And we really don't want you to go anywhere also. I don't think your intentions were to cause chaos. I think you just got off on the wrong foot around here. It's a nice place... what's left of it and we'd like to keep it that way. I hope you take my words as kind and not a put down. Don is right. We are a group of people with very different lives, backgrounds, ages, beliefs and opinions... and that's what we like about each other. We can all be very different and still respect other people's opinions. You don't find that very often anymore. CHERISH it here please! ☺
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