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Hello friends , how many people have gotten or still have home delivery of local newspapers?


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I don't get our local newspaper delivered. My mailbox is down at the foot of the mountain and that's where they would put the newspaper box. So I would have to go down to get it or wait until I leave for work .I stop at a Sheetz convenient store every morning before work and buy it so I know it will be dry. The newspaper boxes are open on the front.

It cost 50 cents through the week and the weekend paper is $1.25. I believe that's a fair price. They rely heavily on advertising to help cover costs. 

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I get my news online. I have subscriptions to a couple of prominent sources that cost less in sum than the cost of a newspaper.

I’m also sensitive to the paper waste issue.

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The only paper I get is a neighborhood newspaper that comes once a week through the mail. It tells about happenings around my town and surrounding areas. It’s free but you have to sign up to receive it.

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I still get delivery for the next city over.  I also get other news items on line. I also get a free country newpsper news letter once a month.

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I use to but i no longer get home delivery the price of the local newspaper is extreme rates , We have local newspapers want $1.00 , $1.75  just for one newspaper,  i can't see paying that when i can see it online plus they want like $12.00 a month for home delivery for monthly charges , I just think it's shame the price has went up so much that is crazy people can't look at local newspaper without paying so much ?

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