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Are you fan of a singer who is no more? Which songs do you listen to?

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Don Barzini answered

I’m over fifty. It goes with the territory.

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Willie B. good answered

August 6th 2004, a sad day in music history. Rest in peace Rick James.

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Mountain Man answered

There are quite a few singers that are not around anymore I am still a fan of. Ronnie Van Zant , Gregg Allman,  Gordon Lightfoot and Glen Frey  are just a few along with some others mentioned above.

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Well, I am a fan of a lot of singers who have passed away.
The name that immediately came to my mind after reading this question is
Michael Jackson. Who does not love the “King of Pop”? I remember that my father
used to listen to his tracks when I was a child. That is how I became his fan.
I also enjoy songs by Aretha Franklin. I recently discovered her tracks thanks
to this site: https://www.play-up.co.uk . I was listening to music while cooking and one of her songs came up. I
instantly loved it and decided to look into her. The following article made me
admire her: http://mentalfloss.com/article/580116/aretha-franklin-facts . Another artist whom I quite like is Avicii. I have not checked out his
posthumous album yet, but I am looking forward to do so. I found this review
quite interesting: https://djmag.com/longreads/avicii%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98tim%E2%80%99-anthemic-journey-out-edm-demonstrates-his-artistic-legacy-exclusive-first . Have any of you listened to the record?

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There are quite a few. A lot of musicians from the sixties and seventies believed in the sex, drugs, and rock and roll mantra. Drugs took many of their lives.

The one I listen to the most though would be Tom Petty. A lot of great songs.

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I like music by Michael Jackson , Prince , Sinnead O'connor , most of these people are no longer singing and yes there is history behind each one of them but i don't care their still one of my favorites.

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Darren Wolfgang
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Two from above are deceased and one is no longer into singing that would be Ms O'connor , she was abused by her Mother and suffers from Bipolar so yes i like her song . Nothing Compares To You , gotta love the music.

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