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What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of?


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We are easily able to form habits subconsciously but we can never break it the same way. We only can free ourselves from it consciously which is one of the most difficult missions to accomplish.

That's how people keeps struggling with addictions in variable categories and it's a draining process to make a change.

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Scientology (a cult)

Bad press

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Willie B. good
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El Ron Hubbard Science Fiction and Fantasy writer , Scientology what a joke!! How anyone could possibly believe anything that came out of that man's mouth is beyond me.
Call me Z
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But there are thousands of suckers caught up in it. Have you seen Leah Remini’s series on their cult? Just ridiculous.
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It's easier to get seated at a arena to see a event such as Baseball but it's hard and more crowded to go through seats and people to go use the restroom or when your leaving the arena after the event .

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deep deep deep unconditional love

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