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Guess who's birthday it is today? How about a big birthday shout out to our very own Toni Pauze!


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Tiger, Tiger our dear sweet friend

Many, many happy birthdays we send.

There's not enough megabytes in the world

To tell how much you mean to us girl.

You are adored, and loved a whole lot.

You are more precious than any store bought.

I think I speak for all of us when I say

You are the glue that keeps us together each day.

We love you more then any words could say.

Tiger my dear friend, have a blessed birthday.

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Wow! There are a lot of birthdays in this month. Two of my
best friends and my three cousins are also celebrating. We are planning a
single party for the besties.

I am sorry I did not
wish each one of you but have a very happy birthday Toni Pauze! All my very
best wishes.

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Happy Birthday Tiger! I hope you enjoy your day!


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